Solutions Military

Day in and day out, military operators assume the ultimate risk. As they walk into harms way they put faith into the equipment we develop and into the promise made by our team of experts. ArmorSource exists solely to maximize operator survivability, and through our focus to deliver industry leading ballistic head protection solutions, we stand with pride as "We Promise to Protect"!

Aire II

U.S. Army Next Generation Advanced Combat Helmet. The Lightest in the Field.


U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet. The cornerstone of Our Legacy Series.


Extremely Comfortable, Ultra Lightweight High-Cut PE Based Ballistic Helmet.

Crew II

Ultra-Lightweight Advanced Combat Vehicle Crewman (ACVC) Helmet.


Ultra-Lightweight Special Forces Helmet Delivering Premium Fit, Comfort and Performance.

Aire CF

Lightweight Carbon Fabric Helmet Designed for Training and High-Risk Outdoor Activities

Aire EX

Extended Rifle-Resistant, High Protection Assault Helmet.