Research and Development

Developing Life Saving Head Protection Solutions

As a global leader of advanced ballistic head protection solutions and a product developer for the United States Government, ArmorSource employs a highly skilled Research and Development team composed of industry leading professionals. Since 2005 we’ve lead the industry in developing, designing and delivering innovative ballistic helmet solutions that incorporate bullet-resistant safety standards, customized sizing, ergonomic lightweight comfort, and technical functionality specifically built for military and law enforcement
operations around the globe.

Our R&D team benefits from an extensive array of testing equipment including a state-of-the-art in-house ballistic and non-ballistic testing lab, as well as
expertise and insight from modern day field operators who provide real-life practical feedback and knowledge.

Working alongside industry leading ballistic material manufacturers, our engineers have extensive composite materials expertise as well as a deep knowledge of composite processing technologies. ArmorSource maintains special relationships and teaming agreements with key materials suppliers and manufacturers of specialty helmet accessories such as mounts, rails, and harnesses to ensure state of the art technology remains the baseline at ArmorSource.