Product Design

The Art of Ballistic Product Design

The success of a Ballistic Helmet design hinges on how well it can accommodate the ever-changing needs faced by soldiers and law enforcement agents in action. The threats they face evolve daily and so too must the solutions we provide. In its simplest form, our goal is to design helmets that protect the operator’s head from injury, and to increase their rate of survivability.

At ArmorSource we believe product design is an artform. We transform proprietary fabrics into rugged ballistic barriers designed to save lives. In doing so our team of industry leading product designers are tasked with managing unique needs, environments, weather conditions, threats, specific client requirements and most importantly – operator confidence.

Our designers are constantly looking for ways to trim weight, increase ballistic performance, improve comfort, deliver industry changing product, and ultimately set the standard for the ballistics industry worldwide.

In doing so, we focus on 3 key elements of design.


Our first mission is to protect our users against ballistic, environmental and mechanical threats. Each of our shells are designed to meet or exceed specific levels of protection mandated by our customers, such as the impact and effects from different rounds, fragments or mechanical threats.


Making sure our helmets perform at the highest level possible under extreme environmental conditions is a baseline requirement at ArmorSource. We’ve put it upon ourselves to design helmets that uphold these performance metrics but with significantly lighter areal density than our competition.


Designing helmets that provide maximum ballistic protection with decreased overall weight is what we do. But our products will only be considered mission ready when they deliver specific characteristics and capabilities required to support the unique needs of our customers. ArmorSource products are always designed to serve the user in the most ergonomic way, with the highest level of compatibility for common accessories, apps and add-ons making each helmet the perfect platform for the mission at hand.