Quality Assurance

Committed to exceeding standards and expectations.

ArmorSource’s commitment to quality is key to our continued leadership in a highly competitive global marketplace. Our continued growth and improvement of products and processes allows ArmorSource to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

Our certified Quality Assurance (QA) system is designed to meet the requirements of our customers effectively and efficiently. The Quality Manual, detailed processes, and work instructions that make up our Quality Management System are based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 with Design, and applied to each-and-every customer. Additionally, ArmorSource meets the requirements of AQAP 2110 when required by customer contract. We ensure all personnel follow the established QA process, applicable quality directions, and Government specifications and requirements.

ArmorSource’s quality program recognizes the unconditional requirements set forth by our customers, industry partners, and employees. As a company we understand their needs and we strive to meet or exceed expectations with unquestioned integrity and the highest quality of products and services.

During the production cycle, all task teams and individual task members are responsible for the quality of the product they receive from the task member ahead of them. This level of responsibility empowers task teams and individuals with the authority to take a broad range of initiatives to ensure 100% customer satisfaction so that the quality built into our products is proven by the quality seen and the quality tested.

Our approach to quality assurance/control and customer satisfaction is to integrate QA activities into the planning and execution of every task throughout the production cycle, which allows us to avoid dependency on final inspections. This approach allows problems, deficiencies, or necessary corrective action to be taken immediately at any step in the process, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming rework.


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