Mounts AireMount

The Lightest NVG Shroud on the Market.

The ArmorSource AireMount is the most advanced 3 point Shroud in the Industry. This universal shroud supports the use of all common Night Vision Mounts weighing in at ~40 grams.

The ArmorSource AireMount system attaches to the shell using an advanced, robust adhesive delivering maximum stability while eliminating the need to be attached and or adjusted by the operator. Alternately, the AireMount system can be attached to the shell using legacy hardware and will fit all ACH cuts and sizes.

Replaces the Wil3 Shroud

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Integration and Compatibility

Works in conjunction with All ArmorSource helmet systems.

Works in conjunction with ALL supported retention and suspension systems.

Works in conjunction with ALL ArmorSource supported accessories.

Compatible with common communications, gas masks, visors, eyewear, ear protection and mandibles.


System Snapshot

Special Units; SWAT; Military; Law Enforcement
One Size Fits All
Nominal Weight
23 g. (.8 oz)

Available Colors

Foliage Green
Olive Green
Desert Tan
Coyote Brown

Additional Info

Comes in both 100% Boltless and Bolted versions

Uses Advanced Adhesive Technology

Lightweight, durable and user friendly

Low profile and lightweight


The Aire Rail is glued on using Advanced Adhesive Technology. ASR pull strength > 200 lbs. (90 Kg); Available also in bolted version.

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With the capacity to produce between 12,000 – 30,000 units per month ArmorSource is a world leading custom contract manufacturer of ballistic helmet solutions.

Working in collaboration with industry leading ballistic materials partners, accessories manufacturers and the most demanding users in the world, our team is able to respond quickly and meet the exact demands of our customers.

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