Accessories AireLock Liner System

Next Generation Liner system

Introducing the game changing AireLock Liner System.

Based on the Skydex IsoFit Liner System, the ArmorSource Pads-free AIRELOCK is a game changer in terms of user safety, comfort and ergonomics. With its all new quick-dial system, less than 50% of the liner touches the user’s head, creating a floating effect that delivers maximum comfort over extended periods of use.

The advanced silent dial system and premium chinstrap deliver a solution that is ideal for front line users. Designed for Military, Special Forces, SWAT teams and Law Enforcement, the AIRELOCK is the ultimate liner system for modern day operations. Once you experience the AIRELOCK, you’ll never go back.

Proudly created in partnership with Skydex.

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Integration and Compatibility

Works in conjunction with ALL ArmorSource Boltless and Bolted Shells.

Works in conjunction with ALL ArmorSource supported accessories.

Compatible with common communications, gas masks, visors, eyewear, ear protection and mandibles.


System Snapshot

Special Command; SWAT; Front Line Combaters
Nominal Weight
270 g. (0.59 lbs)
Size 1 (XS - L): Fits Heads Circumferences from 51.5 - 60 cm (20 1/4 - 23 3/4"); Size 2 (L - XXL): Fits Heads Circumferences from 56.5 - 63 cm (22 1/4 - 24 3/4")

Available Colors

Space Black

Additional Info

Personalized fit and comfort technology stabilizes the helmet to optimize user effectiveness

Allows air movement between the user’s head and the shell

The system supports and covers close to 99.9% of all male and female head type and head size – from XS to XXL

Meets applicable military and low enforcement standards

Comes with 3D adjustment capabilities and evenly distribute weight around the entire head.

Comes with a friendly advanced Dial System provides a silent adjusting and locking for users’ safety

Comes with a premium Chinstrap that provides a comfortable and secure fit

Proudly Made in USA


Supports both US Army, NIJ level IIIA testing protocol. Provides Blunt Impact Protection and Back-face Deformation performance in accordance with U.S. Army AR/PD 14-01 specs while used in conjunction with selected and verified ArmorSource shells.

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With the capacity to produce between 12,000 – 30,000 units per month ArmorSource is a world leading custom contract manufacturer of ballistic helmet solutions.

Working in collaboration with industry leading ballistic materials partners, accessories manufacturers and the most demanding users in the world, our team is able to respond quickly and meet the exact demands of our customers.

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