ArmorSource Introduces Next Generation Ballistic Helmets!

Since 2005 ArmorSource has lead the industry in developing, designing and delivering innovative ballistic helmet solutions that incorporate bullet-resistant safety standards, customized sizing, ergonomic lightweight comfort and technical functionality built specifically for military and law enforcement operators around the globe.

Through the years ArmorSource has developed and introduced cutting edge product advancements that ultimately changed the way modern day military and law enforcement operators perform in the field.

In 2012 ArmorSource introduced its Boltless Solutions, which were later paired with a proprietary Advanced Adhesive Technology to further reduce overall product weight. Since then the company continues to push the boundaries of comfort, reduced weight, improved ballistic performance and operator safety.

The AS-501 Gen II – Proud to be the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Advanced Combat Helmet and the lightest in the field.

And now, in 2022, the US based company is proud to introduce its NEXT GENERATION of ballistic head protection. A line up up ballistic helmets the benefit from the company’s continued work and collaboration with industry leading ballistic materials partners, accessories manufacturers and the most demanding users in the world.

The ArmorSource AS-501 G2 Helmet solution is the lightest version of the U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH / LWACH) on the market. Designed to minimize weight burden, the AS-501 G2 has effectively reduced the weight of the traditional ACH helmet by more than 30% and that of LW-ACH helmets by more than 15%. All while exceeding the ballistic protection of the Lightweight ACH category as a whole, thanks to our proprietary materials and superior development capabilities.

For more information on our full collection of Gen II solutions click here.