Retention Systems R10

Team Wendy® Boltless Cam-fit™

The boltless version of the Team Wendy® CAM FIT™ Retention System offers hardware-free installation, ideal for helmet shells without thru-holes. The asymmetric design keeps the buckle tucked smoothly along the jaw line while maintaining a snug, even feel around the chin cup.

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Integration and Compatibility

Works in conjunction with ALL ArmorSource Boltless models.

Works in conjunction with ALL supported suspension systems.

Works in conjunction with ALL ArmorSource supported accessories.

Compatible with common communications, gas masks, visors, eyewear, ear protection and mandibles.


System Snapshot

Law Enforcement; Military; Special Units
Size 1 (S/M); Size 2 (L/XL)
Nominal Weight
4.2 oz (118 g)

Available Colors

Desert Tan
Olive Green
Sniper Black

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