Next Generation 411

Ballistic performance is the foundation from which we build upon.

ArmorSource is dedicated to maximizing the survivability of military and law enforcement personnel around the globe. Thanks to our advanced ballistic solutions and state of the art manufacturing abilities ArmorSource is the driving force behind the evolution of modern-day ballistic head protection, and the direct link to a safer, more confident means of operating.

Our goal is simple – as we progress into the future, ArmorSource’s GEN II products aim to deliver improved performance with reduced weight. Below are some of the improvements we’ve made within our next Generation solutions:

Weight Reduction

With significantly lower areal density – up to 30% lighter than our legacy solutions – our Gen II shells deliver helmet solutions that are more comfortable and user friendlier than ever before. 

Improved Ballistic Performance

Pressed using ArmorSource’s unique cold and hot process, our proprietary blend of Polyethylene and Composite Materials provide a superior shell with improved bullet and fragmentation protection, even under extreme weather conditions. 

Environmental and Mechanical Performance

Though significantly thinner and lighter than the competition, ArmorSource’s GEN II Technology PE based shells deliver a more rigid product, and improved protection against threats like blunt impact, compression, Impact resistance and more, within common and extreme weather conditions.


There are two safety elements associated to the GEN II:

Reduced Weight Strain

A user that wears a helmet weighing as little as 1 Kg / 2.2 lbs will in most cases, continue to wear it for longer periods of time. There’s no denying that a lighter helmet feels more comfortable and produces less weight strain. And as we know, the longer an operator wears their helmet, the safer they are.

Improved Focus

The lighter the shell, the more focused and mission-oriented an operator will be. ArmorSource helmets are meant to be forgotten. The less time a soldier or LE Officer spends thinking about their helmet, increases the time they spend focusing on the mission at hand.

User Experience


Fit and comfort matter most. With its light weight and improved system ArmorSource helmets are designed to provide operators with the highest level of comfort and functionality on the market.


Using a Universal Shell, Rails and Shroud, ArmorSource Gen II helmets are compatible with most available helmet accessories, mounts, visors, goggles and interfaces on the market. 


ArmorSource GEN II helmets are compatible with a wide range of suspension / pad systems, and retention / chinstrap Systems, all of which are customizable per user specifications.