Customizable Platforms

As modern day threats evolve, so do the solutions we provide.

The success of a Ballistic Helmet hinges on how well it can accommodate the ever-changing needs faced by
soldiers and law enforcement agents in the field.

As the threats they face continue to evolve, so too must the solutions we provide. ArmorSource is constantly pursuing solutions to trim weight, increase ballistic performance, improve comfort, deliver industry changing products and to ultimately set the standard for ballistic helmet performance.

Our products are designed, first and foremost to protect today’s war fighter and LE officer, but beyond that they are designed to serve the user in the most ergonomic way, with the highest level of compatibility for common accessories, apps and add-ons.

In today’s world a helmet is relied on for protection and as a platform for other accessories, devices and applications. ArmorSource’s universal geometry helmets are designed to work in conjunction with common devices, accessories and components that are offered and available in the market.