Boltless Technology

Innovative solutions designed to improve operator safety.

Within ArmorSource’s ongoing effort to improve safety, reduce helmet weight and minimize the effects of weight strain placed on military and law enforcement operators, we revolutionized the industry with the introduction of our Boltless solutions in 2012 for use with our ASR Picatinny Side Rails. To further improve these systems, our Advanced Adhesive Technology was later introduced in 2020 and is now utilized and trusted by tens-of-thousands of operators in the USA and around the globe.

ArmorSource’s Advanced Adhesive Technology is a reliable and effective alternative to traditional bolted systems, which require drilling 4 to 11 holes through the ballistic shell. Through those holes, bolts and screws are used to attach retention systems and mounts to the shell. This hardware can result in an overall reduction in ballistic performance and potential injury should the wearer be subject to a ballistic impact.

Unlike bolted systems that require constant maintenance, tightening and tools due to loss of bolts or screws, or replacement due to rust, especially in areas with high humidity, ArmorSource’s Boltless system is a tool free, permanent and reliable technology upgrade.