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ASRH ArmorSource Robust/Parachute Harness System

The ArmorSource ASRH, part of the ArmorSource Progressive Line of Harnesses, provides a robust, secure, and solid harness system. This field-tested harness was designed to provide the wearer solid protection and suspension in case of a ballistic or non-ballistic impact.

The ArmorSource line of ergonomic harnesses pass a wide range of ballistic and environmental evaluations, providing the wearer excellent protection and well-fitted, superior comfort. The ASRH system incorporates a fast release, adjustable slides, and an ergonomic chin cup. In addition, the ASRH model:

  • includes a complete kit with Suspension and Retention features;
  • includes ergonomic chin strap, enforced buckles and bolts;
  • is constructed of strong, durable, yet comfortable materials;
  • has been thoroughly field-tested;
  • features a fast-release buckle system;
  • is designed to provide comfort and safety in extremely high temperatures; and
  • helps reduce trauma from ballistic and non-ballistic impacts.

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ASRH Harness
Material Features Harness Type Shell Interface Helmet Shape Color

Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly webbing, padding, and buckles

Robust/Parachute Harness and retention system

Bolted, 3-point

Adjustable PASGT, IDF. Other shapes upon request.