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ASPS ArmorSource Full ACH System with Padding

The ArmorSource ASPS H-Back, part of the ArmorSource Progressive Line of Harnesses, features a Full ACH System complete with helmet padding. This fieldtested harness system was designed to provide the wearer extended protection, greater helmet stability, and enhanced comfort.

The ArmorSource line of ergonomic harnesses pass a wide range of ballistic and environmental evaluations, providing the wearer extended protection and well-fitted, superior comfort. The ASPS system incorporates a fast release, adjustable slides, and an ergonomic chin cup. In addition, the ASPS model:

  • includes a complete kit with Suspension and Retention features;
  • includes a 7-piece full padding system, ergonomic chin strap, buckles and bolts;
  • is available in bolt or boltless style;
  • has been thoroughly field-tested;
  • features a fast-release buckle system; and
  • helps reduce trauma from ballistic and non-ballistic impacts.

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ASPS H Back retention system
Material Features Harness Type Shell Interface Helmet Shape Color

Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly webbing, padding, and buckles

Full harness and retention system with padding

Bolted, Boltless, 4-point

Adjustable PASGT, MICH, ACH, ASLT, IDF. Other shapes upon request.

Black, Foliage Green, Olive Green, Tan